Participation à l’émission Les Carnets de Julie

Les Carnets de Julie

I was lucky enough a while ago to be contacted by a production company for a cooking show broadcast on France 3. Julie’s notebooks, for those who don’t know, choose themes on dishes and dedicate a show to them. The subjects covered are really numerous and varied, you can find it at this address

Japanese cuisine

The reason I was contacted was to prepare a program on Japanese cuisine, especially sushi. My specialty being the forging of custom-made Japanese kitchen knives, a report on the making of a Japanese knife was a perfect fit for their program. I had the pleasure of welcoming the film crew to my home and workshop. They were then able to discover the forging stages, and the making of two Japanese kitchen knives, made to measure, specially designed to Julie Andrieu and Thierry Marx.

Les couteaux forgés pour l’émission

Participation à l’émission Les Carnets de Julie

On the set in Paris

Finally, I was lucky enough to be invited to the film set, the opportunity to meet great people, whether it was Julie Andrieu, Thierry Marx or the whole team who welcomed us in a friendly and convivial way.

Scheduled to be issued on …

The broadcast is scheduled for January 6, 2018 at 4:10 pm >> The link here.

While waiting for the broadcast, at the beginning of this year, I wish you health, happiness and prosperity!