Japanese kitchen knives

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Forged Japanese kitchen knife

The knife is part of the culinary accessories, it is an indispensable tool for both professional and home cooks.

Artisan manufacturer of kitchen knives for years, I am entirely dedicated to the quality of the product and to the satisfaction of the people who trust me.

I offer different types of handmade knives, according to the needs of each one.

Japanese kitchen knives

Multi-purpose knives

The “Santoku”: also called “the chef’s knife”, it is a versatile kitchen knife. The size of its blade varies between 13 and 20cm with a 60 degree curved point. It is made for slicing, refining and mincing. It gives a good slice shape with more precision.

The “Petty”: this small knife of Japanese origin measures between 75mm and 150mm depending on your needs. It is also called “office knife” because it is indispensable, especially for European cooks. This small custom-made kitchen knife is highly recommended for professionals.
The boning knife

Called “Honesuki” in Japanese, it is used to debone poultry. It actually has an asymmetrical edge, which makes it very practical when slicing large bones.
Vegetable knives

The “Nakiri Bocho”: which is used to cut vegetables is a fine blade knife of Japanese origin. It is not recommended to use the Nakiri to slice bones or meat, it is just for vegetables (pepper, carrot, squash, potato, …).

The “Usuba”: it is the vegetable knife most used by professionals. Thanks to its thin blade, it is easy and convenient to cut and slice vegetables according to preference.
Fish knives

The “Deba” is a Japanese style fish knife. It has an obtuse angle and is thicker. Its size varies up to 270mm in length. The “Deba” custom-made kitchen knife is specially designed to obtain a good slice of fish.

The “Yanagi-Ba” knife is also used to slice fish accurately. It is the thinnest knife forged by the craftsman to prepare Japanese cuisine such as sushi and sashimi.

Art is a craft and a passion; the main mission is to satisfy the customers in order to get a good reputation. A handmade work such as a custom knife evokes originality and personality.

Handmade Japanese knives & Japanese kitchen knives

Nothing more impressive than these knives straight out of Japan. Japanese knives are known to be the best in the world, not least because of their hard, unique, soft and particularly sharp blade. In addition, a large number of Michelin-starred chefs are accustomed to using this type of knife, as it is a quality material.

Japanese kitchen knives

Zoom on the history of the Japanese Handicraft Knife

As their name suggests, this knife has its origins in the famous Japanese sword, especially the katana and the sword. Contrary to Western countries, all Japanese swords have changed and evolved with these blades which are increasingly sharp. Little by little, a simple sharp sword was becoming sharper and sharper, to become a samurai weapon, and one of the most effective in history. Moreover, during this period, Japanese blacksmiths perfected their art, until they became true experts, often considered as very high personalities of the society.

From a weapon of war to a kitchen utensil

During the Katanga period, Japan became a divided and often warring country. This is why each army was able to evolve into a weapon, especially by sharpening its swords, in order to obtain an even more sophisticated and powerful weapon. However, the Japanese government completely banned the use of the katana in 1871 with the Haitorei. The Japanese government wanted to establish security and order through this law. Thus, the production of this edged weapon was stopped. In times of peace, people decided to introduce the knife in the kitchen to make it easier to cut meat on the spot. Japanese kitchen knives

Japanese kitchen knives at Yanick Puig Blacksmith Knife maker

Often associated with a fantasy setting, all of Japan’s ancestral traditions are almost ingrained in this particular knife. I decided to opt for this point of view, in order to give the opportunity to the best cooks to opt for a quality material. You will be able to find all types or kinds of Japanese knives on the online shop, and to keep in touch, don’t forget my insta!

Moreover, you will have access to recommendations during your purchase. It is also important to note that during the purchase or choice of this type of knives, it is essential to take into account several criteria. Thus, before buying this knife, first think about defining your needs, since you will use a sharper knife according to its usefulness. Japanese kitchen knives

Attention must be paid to the size of the blade, the handle, the weight in order to guarantee full comfort during its use. Find on my site the Japanese knife that will meet your expectations, your needs and your budget.

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