The forge, my friend

A blacksmith by trade, having passed through apprenticeship and old-fashioned work, I trained in cutlery out of passion. Far from the spirit of profitability which animates many companies today, I am a craftsman who works for love of the object, the technique, the values, the transmission and the durability.

The hand forged knife

When you decide to buy a hand forged knife, you will have noble materials and materials in your hands. The blades that I forge are unique, as are the materials that make up the handle that I shape to give all its soul to your future best companion.


A Japanese kitchen knife, an extension of oneself

I specialize in Japanese kitchen knives. I have my own line, my own designs, with blades in modern steel, Ni Maï, San Maï or Damascus. The demand being strong, my lead times may seem long, but I try to satisfy everyone.


For cooks, amateurs, collectors, enthusiasts.

In a quest for improvement, I am constantly evolving in order to perfect this art, which little by little, with my personal touch, has become a trademark.


Knowing how to do it makes …

I reserve the right to give you all the advice I deem useful, based on my knowledge and experience, so that your request is made in the best conditions.