Clara Onuki French-Japanese Fusion Chef-Kitchen

Clara Onuki Cheffe cuisine Fusion Franco-Japonaise

I am pleased to collaborate with the talented Home Chef Clara Onuki. Based in Aix-en-Provence, she works on French-Japanese fusion cuisine.

She recently participated in the magazine 95° and very kindly gave me some pictures of the shooting session. She was able to test my knives, and gave me a very precise feedback: sharpness of the blade (sharpest part according to the knife, a petty and a nakiri), impact on the taste of the food (no transfer of metallic/ferrous taste on the food), ease of use (weight and hold when cutting), handle (grip in corn, softness, no sensation of wet wood after rinsing).

You will find a 95° portrait of Clara on the page dedicated to this fabulous chef.



Clara Onuki

Clara Onuki Cheffe cuisine Fusion Franco-Japonaise
Clara Onuki - Cours et Cuisine Japonaise